Company Name
Name of contact
Phone number
Fax Number
Nature of business
Number of employees
Number of full time employees
Number of part time emplyees

1) What is the floor area of the office (sq m)
2) How many levels is the building
3) What is the base area of the building (sq m)
4) What is the area of parking and gardens (sq m)
5) Is the office air-conditioned
6) Are there any Green building features
7) Is the building owned or leased

8) Kilolitres

9) Kwh
10) What % of power is purchased green power?

11) Air Travel (km)
12) Air Travel Number of Hours in the Air (Hrs)
13) Motor Bike (km)
14) Car Small, 850-1200cc (km)
15) Medium Car, 1200cc - 2l (km)
16) Large Car & 4x4, 2l and above (km)
17) Hybrid (km)
      AND / OR  
18) Lpg (Litres)
19) e10 Petrol (Litres)
20) Natural Gas (Gj)
21) Diesel (Litres)
22) Petrol (Litres)

Stationary Energy Use (Any fuels used for purposes other than transport
23) Heating Oils (Litres)
24) Diesel (Litres)
25) Petrol (Litres)
26) Lpg (Litres)
27) e10 Petrol (Litres)
28) Natural Gas (Gj)

Office Supplies
29) Stationary Envelopes (boxes 500)
30) Office Paper Recycled (A4 Rheems)
31) Office Paper Virgin (A4 Rheems)
32) Other stationary pens + folders ($)
33) Computer Supplies Toners etc ($)

Food & Drink
34) Milk ($)
35) Tea and coffee ($)
36) Beer, wine and spirits ($)
37) Catering and business lunch ($)

38) Bought publications ($)

39) Wood Waste (m3)
40) Green Waste and Clippings Wheelie Bins (Qty)
41) Green Waste (m3)
42) Co Mingled Wheelie Bins (Qty)
43) Co Mingled Meters Cubed (m3)
44) Co Mingled Waste Paper Bins (Qty)
45) Medical (kg)
46) Petrol/Solvents etc (Litres)
47) Paper Cardboard (m3)
48) Waste Paper Bins (Qty)
49) Mixed Construction Waste (m3)

50) Hotal / Motel nights

51) Work and safety ($)

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